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We provide business consulting services with a focus on changes associated with ESG themes and sustainable investing, and asset management.    

The climate crisis has reached a point where doing nothing is not an option. Governments have set net zero carbon emission targets to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees. The net zero carbon emission goals are a catalyst for massive economic and social transformation, with an estimated $3.5 trillion of annual investment required to meet the net zero goals.

Companies require an immediate understanding of the risks and opportunities faced from ESG issues and the associated economic and social transformation.


Plot a course to net zero

Incorporating ESG factors into the investment process

Regulatory reporting requirements

Risk and data disclosure reporting for investors


Exploring ESG and sustainable investing opportunites

Business transformation

Helping you meet your business goals

 Asset Management

Wealth Management

FinTech and Start ups


Fund structuring

VCC, Cayman, UCITS

Fund structuring and VCC fund launches

Asia market entry and distribution strategy 

Regulatory updates to fund documentation 

VCC operating model design and outsource partnerships

Fund governance 



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